From fear to faith with confidence

It felt like a never ending cycle. I had successfully attained my Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree, worked my first corporate jobs, was able to get my own apartment, had my own car & could afford my own travels all by the time I was 24. I met all my goals & should’ve been a happy proud young woman. But I wasn’t.

Quite the opposite. Yes, I checked off all these goals I had set for myself… but little did I know those weren’t meeting my core values, my true desires, long term. I felt incredibly unfulfilled and while everyone around me kept saying “why do you feel unhappy, you have it all!” I slowly drifted into a place that felt more uncomfortable day by day.

I felt like no one saw the real me.

…and how would they – if up until that point even I haven’t been able to see what’s behind my own mask.

I was lacking vision, had no motivation, no goals, no dreams. Anxiety on what’s next, skilled but not fulfilled, had so many ideas but was not able to commit to anything.

It wasn’t fun. I couldn’t find a way out until I understood I need to shift my mindset away from lack & finally make a decision for myself.

The decision of who I want to become. The decision of coming home to myself. And even though I didn’t have a plan.. or even an idea.. I knew this wasn’t all I’m here for. I’m worthy of more. I’m meant to do more. Meant to feel more, experience more, give more, share more. Meant to contribute something of value to this world and be of service to fellow human beings.

Instead of searching for purpose, I created it.

Once I made the decision that I want to feel excited to get out of bed in the morning, my outlook on life shifted. I started focusing on things that brought me joy and actively pull that vibe into my life. I started to curate my self love & expand that love by actively supporting others. I still have my lows at times.. but I finally know what all this is for.

I’ve been through that process and created a program for it.

I strongly believe that every single one of us – yes YOU, TOO! – are here for a (dynamic) purpose! We have special and unique gifts, talents & skills to offer to the world. Why waste them?
Let me help you shed your layers of limiting beliefs, fear and confusion until what’s left is the most valuable thing you’ll ever grasp. Your essence. The real you.

My guarantee as your coach:

  • certified spiritual coach with expertise in guiding you to shift your mindset and find meaning in your life
  • tangible steps & homework after each coaching session so you can apply your new insights in your everyday life
  • 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to you
  • my techniques as a coach include EFT, meditation & visualisation
  • your personal cheerleader on your journey towards reaching your goals & milestones!

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