Done Is Better Than Perfect

Done Is Better Than Perfect March 6, 20182 Comments

…one of my favourite quotes!

Back when I started this blog (when it used to be a fashion/girltech site), it took me about a week to finish up one single blog post. I wanted everything to be amazingly perfect before putting it out there. I wasn’t trained at compiling my thoughts into something that benefits others, quickly. I couldn’t get my voice out there unless it felt perfect. And that doesn’t just apply to the blog but to projects in general.

I wanted everything to be perfect because it felt safe. “If I put out perfect content, no one will be able to judge”. There’s so much wrongness in these thoughts I used to have.

One – People do judge no matter what you put out there. You just need to learn to get over it or even better, how to not give a shit. It’s your life and your decisions and the people you think of when it comes to judgement are probably not even important to your life experience.

Two – Perfect is a subjective term. Something you might consider perfect might not be seen as such within other people. Some will love it, some will hate it. So you might as well try to trust yourself more and get things out there without double checking a million times. You can gather information about what you created and simply test what works best!

Three – From experience, when something takes tooo long to finish, I tend to lose interest in it. This is just my individual opinion but I rather finish stuff quickly so that it keeps me being in the flow yet doesn’t start to bore me. You can probably relate 🙂 Similar to when you edit a video and use a song you LOVE but then your editing time exceeds that love and now you fucking hate that song. That’s how it can feel if you dwell on your projects for too long. It takes away the driving energy.

To sum this up, no one is perfect. No one’s work will ever be perfect.
Perfect is a weird term that doesn’t benefit any of us.
You are unique and so is your work! Trust yourself and get it out there.


  1. Preach! I find that we can over-rely on what others think way too much, rather than going with what’s in our hearts to do.

    “Trust yourself” That’s key.. it’s true too we ‘re all unique, I love the message you’re sending out.

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