Purpose Academy

Welcome to Purpose Academy!

You’ll love this program if you’re ready to:

get a crystal clear vision on what you actually want in your life experience

understand your WHY + your potential!

improve your self worth & confidence

remove mental blocks that are holding you back from reaching your goals

create an action plan for tangible next steps towards your vision

commit to 6 weeks of straight up mindset – & self growth!

I took the 8 week program and I am beyond grateful! Shoshana really helped me with my confidence, and within 8 weeks I feel like I’ve grown a lot and I’ve got so much done! I am generally much more motivated now and really connect with my purpose.  – Paula Bascur

Purpose Academy is my 6-week program designed to support you creating purpose & bringing it to LIFE!

Whether you are in a period of upheaval, you finally want to take action on a project or your path is still unclear. I’m passionate about plugging people into their purpose and am excited to support you with the mindset, soulset & skillset (background of 6 years in Marketing) you need!

I believe our purpose is dynamic and based on our values. These can change during our journey due to factors such as age and life experience.

That’s why it is important to check in with ourselves regularly to see if our everyday life is aligned with our current values.

What you’ll get:

6 Week – Coaching Program for support, accountability, and guidance

6x 1:1 Coaching à 60 mins

4 Modules

Workbook (English)


Recorded Coaching Sessions

24/7 support via Messenger

Individual live meditations + visualisations

Apply for your free 30-minute consultation below!

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