The Concept of Confidence

The Concept of Confidence January 28, 2019Leave a comment

So what is confidence really? Many of us are considered confident. We speak up, laugh loudly & look the part.
What lies right beneath that superficiality of existence is where it gets interesting.

➳ Ever saw this person you want to speak to but couldn’t find the confidence to walk up to them?
➳ Ever felt emotions so strongly you were about to explode .. but kept silent?
➳ Ever put on makeup, looked into the mirror & still felt like crap?
➳ Took 300 selfies and ended up posting not a single one of them?
➳ Attracted emotionally unavailable partners over & over again?
➳ Haven‘t applied for the job ‘cause they’re not gonna hire you anyways?

I‘m sure you’re able to say „yes“ to at least one of the above. Why? Because it’s what we all experience on different levels. We think we‘re not good enough or not worthy to reveal our true selves.

We learn to find a way around our insecurities. We hide them, suffocate them, project them onto our loved ones.
We fill the void through all kinds of extreme behaviour from losing weight to dinking, smoking, exercising, working to a point where we’re just exhausted and even unhappier deep inside.

Confidence is not what we see. It’s what we believe to be true about ourselves. It’s the level of true self love we‘re embracing.

It’s how we treat ourselves when no one is around.

Think of someone in your surroundings who always seems „confident & happy“. Think of yourself.
Ask them how they really are. Ask yourself how you’re truly doing. Don’t judge a book by it‘s cover.
There are more layers to shed than just the surface ?

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