About Living A Mindful Life

About Living A Mindful Life January 29, 20185 Comments

You might have been wondering why I named my main category mindfulness.
What does mindfulness even mean? How do I live a mindful life?

I’m not just thinking about the actual definition of the term, which is
“A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment” (Oxford Dictionary).

It’s a lifestyle

To me the term represents a lifestyle. A way of consciously reflecting on one’s own thoughts, actions and reactions and just use the mind actively instead of letting life go by in the subconscious, which by the way we do about 95% at all times!

Up until a few years ago I wasn’t really aware of the actual root of my own emotions in quite some moments in my life so consequently my reactions didn’t turn out well. The way you react to what happens “to” you can make such a big difference!
Therefore living a mindful life to me is all about constantly realizing what your thought patterns are and how they make you feel, act and react in all kinds of situations.
This might sound like work and of course you won’t be able to stay calm all the time. But trust me, it’s so fun to understand more about yourself and noticing how those inner patterns affect your outer world 🙂 Personally meditation helps me a lot in order to be more aware, so read this post if you want to know more about it!

Taking things downstream

To quote Abraham Hicks, I like to take things downstream. As in river-rafting downstream. “Downstream” means going with the flow, opposed to “upstream” which would require a lot of energy and work you’d have to put in. You take the path of least resistance, the choice that makes you feel good inside.
If you’re in a situation, ask yourself: What is the downstream thought or action that makes me feel better right now?

Of course this is just an excerpt of the topic of mindful living but I hope it gives you a good glimpse.



  1. It’s true it’s a lifestyle! I was wondering for yourself personally in what way has your inner patterns changed your outer world emotionally ?

    For example did you use to have a temper and now you’re calm? or did you used to have a low self-esteem and now it’s high ??

    As ever it’s been a pleasure Shoshana.

    1. That’s a good question! To be honest I’ve had problems with aggression. There was nothing that made me rage (physically and mentally) more than what I thought was my own “failure”, like when I couldn’t manage to get something done the way I wanted to. This has significantly changed. I’m not saying it’s gone completely, I guess it will always be there somehow, but I can

  2. This reminds me of the Hulk so much! That’s the key word you just said “Forgive” you’re not

    perfect but you’re able bounce back quicker when you feel like this.

    I really like the fact you’re going into this path of being a Spiritual coach too.. I know you’ll crush it.

    Thank you also for being so open and honest about it, I appreciate you sharing this

  3. … with me and just keep going on your path the world needs you Shosho 🙂 (I’m still working on a pet name don’t go Hulk on me 😉 )

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