The New Year’s Resolution Everyone Should Have

The New Year’s Resolution Everyone Should Have January 1, 20182 Comments

✨ Happy New Year everyone ❤

We’ve officially made it to 2018 and I’m thinking about everything I enjoyed, things that didn’t go well and what I learned from the past year.
What I learned about myself.
Personally I feel like this year has been a huge year of self growth. Not that I feel like I know it all- but I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my own thoughts and actions and how they both relate. I manage to handle situations differently and in a way that feels less stressful.

This is exactly what I wish for more people to do in 2018. Reflect on your own thoughts and be mindful about what actions they result in.
Reflect on how certain thoughts make you feel.
How you have specific thoughts that keep returning so they become a pattern for the good or bad. And what kind of thoughts your actions provoke in others.

Again, thoughts become things.

I’ve watched people having no clue what they are talking themselves into.
You might think well I’m not like that. I’ve heard it often though, for example: “Yes I’m an artist (sparkling eyes), but you know, I’m not sure if I’ll ever make enough money from it (eyes looking down almost closing).”

And really, thoughts like “I’ll never be able to do that”, “I won’t be good enough” or a simple “I can’t” are pieces that come up within everyone. Now here’s the thing: if you keep thinking these thoughts regularly on a subconscious level, they become beliefs. And what you believe is what you ultimately get.

Not to dive into that topic within this post- but I wish for people to be generally more aware of their own mind, how powerful it is and how it shifts the way we are living after all.
I’m sure that way many situations could be solved smoothly, dealing with each other would hopefully be coming from a side of more understanding, therefore more patience and most of all – love.
‘Cause that’s what we need more of in 2018 🙂



  1. Great read/start to my 2018! I couldn’t agree with you anymore. “What you believe is ultimately what you get” also the last part about understanding, patience and love.

    This was very mindful in itself so thanks for sharing Shoshana XO

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