What’s Your Purpose?

What’s Your Purpose? April 24, 2019Leave a comment

Purpose. This BIG thing that we think we need to find to live happily ever after. Well. That’s not really what it is (obviously the following is my personal perspective).⁣

First of all I do believe your soul came here for a reason. Let’s call that reason your purpose. Your purpose isn’t necessarily related to your job. Your purpose can be to learn how to love yourself ?. It could be to form great friendships, to raise a family, to build your own business, to share your creativity with the world… the list is endless.⁣

I also believe your purpose is dynamic.

Meaning it doesn’t need to stay the exact same your entire life. Maybe taking care of your family feels meaningful to you but once the kids are out of the house you feel the urge to write a book and now that’s what feels fulfilling.⁣

Each and every story is individual. Your purpose is yours as long as you feel it makes your life brighter & gives you a reason to get up in the morning.⁣

Once you feel purposeful it doesn’t get easier though. Quite the opposite. Your purpose most likely will ask you to get out of your comfortzone. To change your perspective. To SHOW UP. To go for what you want when others don’t support you.⁣ After all , you‘ll know IT‘S WORTH IT.

If you feel like you‘re not finding meaning in your job or any other life area, or you know what your soul desperately wants but are not sure how to get there – send me a quick Email or message me on Instagram.

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