Client Love

Paula Bascur | Law Student

I first knew about Shoshana for her YouTube videos and then I got to know more about her job as a life coach, so I took the 8 week program and I am so beyond grateful of her!! She really helped me with my confidence, and within 8 weeks I feel like I’ve grown a

Pavi Ramesh | Consultant Project Manager

Shoshana came into my life at a very crucial point where I was looking for a guide to help me with my quest for self development and improvement. From the very 1st session I was able to connect with Shoshana and share my innermost thoughts and feelings in a safe environment where there was no

Helena Heese | Physiotherapist

Shoshana has the rare ability to listen to your situation with empathy but still sees clearly through its patterns. She was able to help me see the positive in a situation, I didn‘t believe I could find positivity in. She does this in a very calm, clear and authentic manner. She is able to see

Mareike Ulrich | Accountant

With a whole new perspective and an incredibly good understanding of my situation and issue, Shoshana was very on point with her guidance. I was able to overcome a huge obstacle and literally grew beyond my former self. I finally know what it means to look outside the box! I was finally able to learn

Marc Wegener | Product Manager

In just one session Shoshana gave me new food for thought, clarity on a specific topic and where + how I can work on myself to move forward. Definitely recommend her services.

Daniel B. {Tarot Client}

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. You really surprised me with your reading. You hit the nail on the head. Looks like you tap into our energy not only reading the cards!

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